Office And Industrial Ergonomics


Whether you’re looking to raise awareness to prevent the onset of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD), or have employees who have already developed signs &/or symptoms of MSD’s, a One-on-One survey with one of our trained Evaluators is suggested:

Basic Screening Computer Surveys:

  • A Preventative Consultation, lasting approximately 45 minutes with an employee to raise awareness about ergonomic aspects of working with computers, & to help recognize & correct basic ergonomic concerns.

Detailed Computer Surveys:

  • A Reactive Consultation for individuals with a known symptom or injury history, this survey lasts approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Signs & symptoms are surveyed, computer use is considered, worker-workstation  fit” & working posture are assessed, & work technique & job demands are all taken into consideration. Troubleshooting & basic adjustments to the extent practical occur, while providing education/ awareness about ergonomic aspects of working with computers, both general & specific to the individual.
  • A comprehensive report with digital photographs will clearly identify any specific recommendations to improve your employee(s) ergonomic requirements

**Our “Lunch & Learn” training session  Practical Ergonomics for Computer Users” is also an effective complement to Computer Workstation Surveys**

Industrial Ergonomic Risk Assessment

The purpose of an Ergonomic Risk Assessment in the Industrial setting is to identify jobs, which contain ergonomic risks that MAY lead to injury. This will enable our consultant to work with your organization to find solutions through ergonomic control measures in order to make it safer for everyone performing that work. Industrial Ergonomic Assessments included a complimentary consultation to customize your organizations specific needs.

Please contact to arrange a complimentary consultation regarding our Ergonomic and other Assessment Services